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WIN (What I Need) is an effective framework to address students who are struggling in academic areas, most notably in English/Langauge Arts and Mathematics. The three tier model, sometimes referred to as a "multi-tiered system of support" (in Iowa) is designed as a general education initiative which utilizes data through multiple assessments to inform decision making. Interventions are based on research and dependent on continuous progress monitoring by a multi-disciplinary WIN team. This three-tiered model is St. Ansgar's response to Iowa's multi-tiered system of supports to address the needs of all students.


The first tier states that all students receive core classroom instruction that is differentiated and utilizes strategies and materials that are scientifically research-based. Assessment in the classroom should be ongoing and effective in that it clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses for each learner. Any necessary interventions at this level are within the framework of the general education classroom and can be in the form of differentiated instruction, small group review, or one-on-one remediation of a concept.


In the second tier, supplemental interventions are in addition to the core classroom instruction, and progress monitoring occurs at more frequent intervals. Core instruction is still delivered by the classroom teacher, but small groups of similar instructional levels may work together under a teacher’s instruction and/or guidance. This type of targeted instruction is typically for 30 minutes per day, four days per week, for a minimum of six weeks. 


Tier three is for students who require more intense, explicit and individualized instruction and have not shown sufficient response to Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions. This type of targeted instruction is delivered for five 20 minute sessions every week for six weeks. The interventions in this tier may be similar to those in Tier 2 except that they are intensified in focus, frequency, and duration.